A Letter From Baby to Dad


I know you're scared, but don't be. I promise I am healthy and I am going to finally meet you soon. Thank you for being with me the day that they put me in my new home with Mommy.  I love you a lot already.

When I'm a really tiny baby, please don't be scared of me. I might cry but it's my way of communicating with you.

I have one favor, Dad, will you trust yourself for me? You're my Dad and there is no one else I want more than you. I want your arms to be the ones that hold me. I want your voice to be the one that soothes me.

Oh, and trust Mommy too. She has a lot of natural mother instincts that will help us both.

I'm going to tell you a secret...you might love me more than you even love Mommy but, don't ever tell her that.

Dad, do you know how much Mommy loves you? She sacrificed her whole body and emotions, even her career, just so that she could make me and give the gift of life to me and you.

At night she prays that you worry less. Sometimes she may not seem as worried about the same things that you are but, it's because she worries about other things. She measures life in happiness, and she is trying to do a better job of bringing more happiness to you and her, and even me.

I love you


I'll be there soon, 
I promise.

-Your Baby