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10 Weeks Update

It's been 5 weeks since I last made a blogpost and a lot has happened in those 5 weeks.

Where should I start?

I got a new job as an HR Assistant working for a friend that's the HR Manager ~great, right? Yeah it is really great except for the fact that during my first week I unknowingly had laryngitis!? I was absolutely miserable! At the time, I called it the worst week of my pregnancy (~6/7 weeks).

After completely losing my voice to the point that only a whisper of sound could be produced requiring tremendous effort and resulting in end of the day total depleting exhaustion, I ended up going to see a doctor and was diagnosed with laryngitis. I was given (pregnancy safe) antibiotics and didn't leave my house for 3 entire days and slept more than any human ever should (like-I think I got bedsores... just kidding) but, I finally got better.

But the absolute bestday of my pregnancy (thus far) was also unfortunately the worst day of my pregnancy.
At our 10 week appointment, th…

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