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I’m Depressed & Infertile, But Those Labels Do Not Define Me

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Like depression, infertility was a label I had been convinced of identifying myself with. With both labels depression and infertility, I felt ashamed and hid from them for a long time. Eventually, I became them. Neither of those diagnoses—depression or infertility—came with an explanation as to what caused their onset. They both simply existed as a part of me and that is what they became, a part of me and who I was.
I lived for a long time thinking I was defined by those words: depressed and infertile. Finding happiness in the midst of that was like being stuck in bed under the covers on a rainy day that never ended. But, in bed and under the covers waiting for the rain to stop was comfort; and comfort felt better than pain and easier than happiness.
I feared having hope, and as a result, I lost a lot of the hope I did have.
It was about twelve years ago when I was first diagnosed with depression and nearly five years ago when I stop…

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