About Me

Hi, I’m Jess,

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with manic depression and borderline personality disorder. I began writing to sort through my thoughts with the intention of finding happiness -as if it was a thing, or something I could learn to do. So often we gather an idea of things, wants and needs to define happiness. We say things like, I'll be happier once I make more money, ...I need to be married to be happy, ...when I finally buy my dream home I'll be happy.

Like anything else, nothing stays the same. So as our wants and needs change, so does our definition of happiness and so, do we ever really get there? The answer is yes we do, but it takes effort.

After ten years of counseling and countless self-help books life still requires my maximum effort. With the past year that my husband and I have had it’s amazing that what I’ve found the most of was happiness.

This blog shares my life, the ups and downs of it and most recently my struggle with infertility that nearly robbed me of my happiness. I invite you to follow along in my journey in a place called happijess.